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Quick Facts

  • Based in Bozeman, Montana
  • Each WO toy purchase provides two meals for widows and orphans in need under their #BuyOneGiveTwo initiative
  • Made in the USA with FDA compliant and BPA free material that is specifically for pets (non-toxic, phthalate and chemical free) – no toxic plastic!
  • WO Play toys bounce, float, and are great for toss and tug of war play
  • WO Wild toys feature squeakers and either crinkle or rope features your dog will love
  • 100% recyclable into new dog toys (under WO toy recycle program)

About WO - Dog Toys with a Purpose

In 2012, the founder of WO dog toys (pronounced like whoa) returned to his home in Montana after an eye-opening trip to Ethiopia. After spending time in small villages and the capital working alongside widows and orphans, he witnessed first-hand how difficult it was to access regular health care and the necessary supplies for proper nutrition. It spurred him into action, to do something to help these especially higher risk populations, and he set out to find a way to make a difference.

That desire to help led to the creation of WO (W = widows, O = orphans). A line of high quality dog toys made in the USA that would have an even greater global purpose. A percentage of each purchase goes directly to providing two nutritious meals to widows and orphans, both in Ethiopia and here in the United States (buy one-give two). These donated meals are often the most nutritious meal of the day for those helped, and as of January 2020 over 100,000 meals have been distributed to those in need.

Featuring two lines of dog toys, WO Play and WO Wild, both are made sustainably and of high quality and durable materials in the USA. All featured toys are created from FDA compliant and BPA free material, that is specifically for pets and is proudly non-toxic, phthalate and chemical-free. Best of all, there is no toxic plastic involved, which makes them safer for your pet in case any small pieces are accidentally ingested. WO Play includes the Disc, Bone (small or large), and Ball, which all feature the ability to float and bounce, as well as great options for fetch and tug games with your dog. The WO Wild line includes four soft animal designs, Octopus, Lion, Elephant, and Fish, which all feature a squeaker and either a rope or crinkle for your dog’s enjoyment. Both lines are durable and provide hours of fun, at home and on the go.

Why We Chose WO

WO – Dog Toys with a Purpose impressed us immediately and it was clear they fit right in with our own philosophy (The Three P’s). We knew we wanted to carry toys within our catalog, but any option we considered needed to have something that set it apart.

PawsWorks searched and WO delivered. Their mission of creating high quality and safe toys for dogs while helping people and the planet is a mission we are honored to partner with. Each toy sold provides two meals for widows and orphans in need (Buy One-Give Two), in Ethiopia and in the United States. While your dog enjoys their new favorite toy, you can be confident that your choice not only benefits the world around you, but that two people in need will have full warm bellies because of your purchase. When something as simple as a dog toy can do all of that, it’s a win for everyone, your dog included.

Featured WO Products

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  • WO Ball Dog Toys Made in USA

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How Can I Recycle My WO Toy?

WO is committed to helping our planet as well as helping people. All of their USA made toys are produced with non-toxic chemical-free materials, and they are completely free of plastic that seeps toxins into the environment. So while they are very durable, they are not indestructible, and all toys eventually reach the end of their use.

Rather than send them to the landfill, you can simply mail your used and worn out toy back to WO to be utilized in their exclusive recycling program. Your well loved dog toy will be broken down and recycled into a brand new toy ready for its next furry friend. Best of all, this cycle can be performed over and over again. Now that is great for the planet!

Send your ready to be recycled toy to:

c\o Recycle
2992 N . 27th Ave, Ste B
Bozeman, MT 59718

*Please only mail WO branded products from the Play line (ball, disc, or bone). They cannot process toys by other brands due the potential uncertainty in quality of materials and overall makeup.

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