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Quick Facts

  • Based in Smyrna, Georgia
  • Single source proteins with each farm labeled directly on the bag (know the farm, know the source)
  • 100% pastured animal ingredients – ZERO salt, glycerins, grains, filler, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals
  • Supporting local farmers (and their community) and helping them use more from each animal
  • Treats that speak to a dog’s instincts, recipes built around ingredients dog’s crave (like organs!)

About Farm Hounds Treats

In 2015, the founders of Farm Hounds were inspired while visiting a local farm in Bluffton, GA. They came across a couple, “farm hounds” that were content, well-fed, and full of life, running through the pastures and doing the work they were bred to do. These “farm hounds” were fed the high quality, organically sourced protein that defines the products that Farm Hounds Treats makes today.

Farm Hounds Treats sources all of their farm-fresh meat from four local farms in the southeastern United States. Everyone that partners with Farm Hounds Treats is committed to humane, pasture-raised treatment of their livestock, and ensuring their practices are what’s best for the animals they are raising, as well as the earth that supports them. The livestock on these farms enjoy their days grazing over open land, moving in herds, following their natural instincts, provided an organic diet, which makes for happier and healthier animals. This means the end result is free of any hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or other chemicals, and the farm-fresh meat itself is of higher quality because of the lifestyle and diet each of these animals have while on the farm.

The front of every bag of Farm Hounds Treats features which farm sourced the meat for your dog’s treats. Not only will you know that your treat is made in the USA, but you will know exactly where in the USA it came from. Every treat is single-sourced, meaning it is 100% of the protein selected, and no added sodium, glycerins, grains or other fillers; if you buy chicken jerky, it’s 100% chicken. If you buy any beef product, it’s 100% beef.

Why We Chose Farm Hounds Treats

Farm Hounds Treats has demonstrated an excellent record as a company providing dog treats with a pure product that not only works well for your dog, but their practices work well for the environment, and the animals they source from. We love short ingredient lists, and when the longest list of any product they make is muscle meat, organs, blood, fat, and bone from the animal source, that’s a huge win!

The fact that Farm Hounds Treats sources all of their protein from local farms is not only great for social consciousness, but also ensures quality is maintained in their supply, and you are sure to have a consistent product because there’s no “mystery meat,” involved. Not all treats are created equally. There may be some similar products at a lower price, but we believe the added value that Farm Hounds Treats brings with certified humane, pasture-raised, antibiotic free, and hormone free animals with human grade quality meat speaks to their standards, and that it’s a cut above the rest. Why settle for the leftovers and fillers, when you can have a premium quality product that supports local farms?

Featured Products by Farm Hounds Treats

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Help Us Pick Our Next Farm Hounds Treats Products

We want to know what you want! We value your feedback with our minimum ratings policy, and we also value it with letting us know what you want to see in our store. Below are some of the additional products made by Farm Hounds that we have our eyes on next. If you are interested in any of these, simply click on the “like” button, and we’ll use that as your vote for the next products to offer.

Beef Heart

Pure beef heart, high in vitamin B12. Organs are nutrient-rich superfoods - loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Chicken Gizzard Sticks

Rich in iron, vitamins B12, A, and E. 72% Protein, 12% fat, 13% moisture. 100% humanely pasture-raised chicken.

Beef Kidney

High in protein, and low in fat. Contains B12, riboflavin (B2), iron, B6, folate, and niacin. 100% pasture-raised, grass fed beef.

Duck Treats

Made from duck muscle meat, organs, blood, fat, and bone. Treats are scored to make it easy to break apart.
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