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Quick Facts

  • Based in California
  • Replaces up to 60 pee pads
  • Lasts up to 1 month of use
  • No leaks – No mess – No waste
  • Naturally neutralizes odors and naturally antimicrobial
    Recyclable and compostable
  • Easy to use – Easy to train
  • Handmade in the USA with real tree bark

About Bark Potty - Dog Park in a Box

Creating a better solution to the long list of problems with messy and stinky puppy pads, Bark Potty found a way to give pet parents the same convenience as disposable pads, without all the negatives associated with their usage. Taking a dog’s natural instincts and combining it with the specific needs of their human families, the women behind Bark Potty found the best of both worlds. Designing an all natural and recyclable option for your dog to do their business, handmade in the USA from eco-friendly materials that are safer for your dog and easier to use for you.

Using all natural and recyclable materials, the Bark Potty is made with real tree bark that contains the natural outdoorsy scent that compels your dog to go, making it much easier to train them to use. The proprietary bark found inside Bark Potty naturally neutralizes odor and is naturally antimicrobial, making it great for indoor use! Liquids are not absorbed by the bark, but instead they can evaporate and be repelled towards the bottom of the box that includes a plastic tray liner to prevent leaks. Plus, the specially designed netting keeps the bark contained, even against frequent kickers. When your dog poops, you simply clean up just as you would on a walk, and as a bonus, the Bark Potty comes with free poop bags installed right along the side for your convenience.

No more puddles on the floor. 
No more unappealing odors.
No more unnecessary waste.

Designed to require no maintenance or cleaning (only need to remove solids) one Bark Potty can replace up to 60 puppy pads, making for up to 1 month of use. Not only does this make for a far more sustainable choice for the planet, but it’s better on the wallet too! Once your month is up, you can recycle Bark Potty just as you would any other recyclable item or you can compost the bark filler in your garden composting system. Either way, the Bark Potty is environmentally friendly and a far better option for the planet than single use puppy pads that sit in the landfill unable to break down. Unlike grass pads, Bark Potty will never rot or mold, and you can use it indoors, on a balcony or patio, or anywhere else you may need. A great option for those in apartments or homes without direct outdoor access, for dogs of all sizes (for large dogs, place two Bark Potty boxes together) and ages, including puppies!

Why We Chose Bark Potty

A company that designs their product to be the best for pets will always get our attention, but when they also make a point to think of the planet then we are ready to celebrate. Bark Potty impressed us with their desire to improve on an existing concept, and do it much better than before! Their design of an all natural, completely recyclable alternative to a puppy pad, that not only appeals to dogs far more than the old method, but also makes for a cleaner and easier to use item for the people involved, is hard to beat. Added to those great features is that each Bark Potty is handmade in the United States, which means you know where it came from, who made it, and can trust in the reliable quality behind the name.

PawsWorks is committed to building a purposely curated catalog of products that fit in with our own mission and can stand up to our Three P’s philosophy. We knew we would never offer puppy pads, simply for the fact that they’re terrible for the environment. So when we found Bark Potty we were quite excited at such a smart alternative. Whether you need Bark Potty as a temporary training tool for a new puppy or as a long-term solution for your apartment dwelling dog or senior furry friend starting to slow down, you can feel good about helping the planet by creating far less waste, and offering your dog a chance to follow their instinct of seeking out the natural outdoorsy scent of real bark. We think the Bark Potty is a great option for people and pets alike, and it’s undeniably better for the planet.

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A Dog Park in a Box, the Bark Potty is a better by design, eco-friendly, all natural and recyclable solution to traditional puppy pads. Using real tree bark to naturally neutralize odors and a specially designed lined box to prevent leaks, the Bark Potty replaces up to 60 pee pads and lasts up to 1 month. No more mess. No more odors. No more unnecessary waste. Perfect for puppies or adult dogs, and great for apartments, patios, balconies, or wherever you need it indoors or outside, the Bark Potty uses the natural outdoorsy scent of bark to draw your pup to the box, making it easier to use for you and for them! Includes a set of free poop bags built into the side. Handmade in the USA.


Yes! It’s one of the best parts of the Bark Potty design.


The entire Bark Potty box can be recycled right from your home just like you would any other recyclable product. All the materials (the cardboard, bark, and plastic tray are eco-friendly), and can be tossed in your usual recycle bin or box.


As a bonus, the bark inside the Bark Potty box is compostable in your at home garden compost system. Simply remove the netting and dump contents into your compost pile or container.


Simple and planet friendly!

Your dog can simply use the Bark Potty whenever he/she would like. It can be placed inside or out. As your dog goes “number 1,” the liquids drain into the bark chips, and are absorbed. The inside of each Bark Potty has a plastic tray liner to contain the liquid. When your dog goes “number 2,” remove the solids as you would as you were walking your dog. For your convenience, a bag dispenser is conveniently located on the side.

Try as he may, the netting will keep the bark in place.

Approximate dimensions are 24″x16″x1.5″, or about 2.73 square feet. Dogs of many sizes have successfully been trained to use Bark Potty.

It’s up to you, and your pup’s preferences. Just remember to keep it in a covered area if you decide to keep it outside so it doesn’t absorb rain or snow.

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