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Why We Started a
Planet Conscious Pet Company

Why should we have to choose between a high quality pet product and a product that is good for our planet? We shouldn’t! It’s time to demand more and do things in a better way for everyone’s benefit. For our pets, for people, and for the planet as a whole.

That’s how PawsWorks began.

Many large pet companies are slow to offer eco-friendly and sustainable products for a really simple reason. Money. They don’t want to impact their profit margins. While we understand the importance of protecting the bottom line, we hardly see it as a good enough reason to refuse to switch to more environmentally friendly business practices altogether. Sacrificing one over the other, to the extreme, is not the answer, but neither is ignoring the need for change.

Does producing earth friendly, sustainable, and all natural products cost more?

Yes. But we believe it to be an investment worth making!

It IS possible to find a balance between cost and quality, while keeping our environmental health in mind. It can be done and companies much smaller than well known brands are doing so successfully, in a variety of industries. We’re proud to join them. The more companies willing to make a commitment to change to sustainable policies, the easier it becomes, and eventually it becomes the standard.

The more companies that are willing to make a commitment to change to sustainable policies, the easier it becomes for everyone, and eventually it becomes the standard.

Sourcing items from overseas in countries with a lack of safety standards and low quality ingredients is a common practice in the pet industry, and we are refusing to follow suit. It can be potentially dangerous to our pets and recalls for food and treat products have been on the rise, especially those produced in these substandard factories.

In addition, transoceanic shipments of goods is one of the leading causes of rising greenhouse gases, and the CO2 emissions from cargo ships remain unregulated. Furthering the damage, the most highly traveled shipping lanes for these cargo ships often directly overlap with migration patterns of important sea life, including endangered whales, which are at high risk for ship collisions when feeding and traveling with calves. Couple those facts with collective pollution from these ships, including human waste and other materials, and the oceans and the planet pay the direct price.

Why contribute to all the above, when you can create the product here, in the US, and utilize environmentally favorable production and shipping methods instead? We know our answer.

PawsWorks is strictly committed to only producing products made in the USA, and we are highly selective about who we partner with to create our products, as well as the brand partners we feature in our store. We will never have a product list as large as the the biggest pet stores, and that is by design. All items are carefully created by us, or are carefully selected items made by other like-minded companies, that stand up to our strict standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.

Did You Know?

If global shipping were its own country, it would be the 6th largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. -Oceana

Like you, we’ve spent hours upon hours researching food and supplements online and in large pet stores trying to find the best one among the seemingly endless choices. It’s hard to really know for sure and things quickly become overwhelming.

The list goes on and on, and more often than not, the answers aren’t anywhere near ideal. That is, if you can find any at all. Our pets deserve better, and part of our responsibility as pet parents is doing all we can to give them what they need and avoid the things they don’t. You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt discouraged by the products offered to you. Packaging is often designed with beautiful labels meant to look healthy, but it can be very misleading.

We came to a decision to make the entire process simpler for everyone.

Once we started planning, the ideas formed rather simply.

  • Create a collection of products specifically for the health and wellbeing of pets, with their real needs in mind.
  • Only use ingredients an animal’s body craves or needs, without any useless fillers.
  • Build a collection of products selected because they were the best, not just because they were available or cheap.
  • Put together a catalog of natural and/or organic supplements, food, treats, and other essentials that meet and exceed the strictest expectations for our pets.
Natural products that are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, and animal by-products.

We love your pets, just as you do. We know you want the best for them, and work hard to keep them healthy and happy. The items made for pets need to work for the people in their lives, too. The products need to be functional to use, but they need to fit into your life or solve a need.

Still, we couldn’t help feeling a drive to try to make choices that benefit the world around us all. If we were going to strive to only offer the best and healthiest products for the animals in our lives, how could we ignore all of the animals affected by our environmental impact, individually and as a company?

We couldn’t and refused to try.

From day one, we committed to make decisions with the planet’s wellbeing in mind, to protect habitats around the world and in our own backyard, to help support animals in need, and to continually strive to have positive impacts on the environment, or at least a neutral footprint. It’s why we will always maintain Carbon Neutral Shipping policies and to use packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. If we offer it in our store, it has to work for the planet just as well as it does for you and your pet.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. PawsWorks was born to solve a problem, and to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. We know how daunting it can be to figure out all the different aspects of what makes a supplement, shampoo, or even treats good for our pets, and what to watch out for. It’s a lot to process, and most of us don’t want to be bogged down in chemical names and complicated ingredients as we shop.

Let us do that part for you. If you find a product on our site, you can feel confident that it is safe, for you, your pet, and the planet.

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